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Poland.gif sobol

Posts : 4
Joined: 10/22/11
Posted on 02/02/12 14:47  
Clan on EBA
Its question for Bigbear. I was thinking about making EBA clan. Its possible to use eurobunker arena tag for clan? I mean to use EBA servers as homeserver of this clan.
In general in clan best players and best admins from EBA servers.

i've played in clan only in CS so i dont know about realities of having a clan in ET.
What you think about it?

Edited by sobol on 02/02/2012 14:48
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Europe.gif BigBear

Posts : 232
Joined: 06/03/10
Posted on 02/08/12 05:56  
RE : Clan on EBA

I can understand what you speak about because somewhere you enjoy to play on our servers and you want to show it to all players.

Like I have already said, those servers are more your servers than mine : yes I have created them, yes I do the technical aspects, and sometime when necessary a part of administration. For the rest this is the servers of the players that are playing the most on our servers.

But on the Other way we are not a Clan. Clan is not the idea I want to spread. I do not like the idea to get a Tyrannic way.
(And for sure I have no time to manage a clan, but the first good reason is the one I have spoken about).

I admit some Disturbers have a lot abused of being kind, in the goal to try to transform me as someone tyrannic ; again I say it : some bad persons have done some bad actions against our servers in the goal to disturb our servers. Yes they have abused of my patience, but they have failed in their actions : I am not perfect but I try to do my best as possible.

Those kinds of persons have done a lot of vicious attacks against our servers. But that is how the world is, and it explain too why the world generally goes wrong.

I have already exposed you many solutions : you need to find your solution but by respecting what I am saying

I think using an EBA Tag as a clan tag is not a good idea if you want to use it in the goal to be a clan, I could not agree to that idea. The only tag of freedom that peoples are free to use is the Colored Stars *** NAME *** : That tag anyone is free to use it in the goal to show they support our Servers ; because we are not a Clan. And for sure if you be from a Clan, you be free to use your Clan Tag, because we are Free Opened Servers

On the other side you can decide to create your Own clan and it will let you coming to play on EuroBunker-Arena servers (For sure if you continue to enjoy our servers). In that case if you create your own Clan, you can be free to decide who can be in your clan or not : because this is your own clan and you will be your own leader and you can do your own administration.

Now if on the other side, you want a TAG only in the goal to show you be Admin on our Servers : You can be free to find your own tag that mean : I am Admin on EuroBunker-Arena servers... EBA or what you want...

I agree to let you use the TAG YOU WANT : if only in the Goal you you want to show you enjoy to be Server Admin on EuroBunker-Arena Servers And I can create you a special section on the Forum.

But sorry we are not a clan

Thank you for your strong support

Have Fun !

Edited by BigBear on 08/02/2012 06:45
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Germany.gif Headhunter
Junior Member

Posts : 21
Joined: 08/25/11
Posted on 02/10/12 17:07  
RE : Clan on EBA
WE have see what BigBoss aka BigBear have said but i will give you a - small - solution:

# 1 ) use free Tags as a Admin of the EBA Server your Choice with the aviced sign like BB say = *** in front, end or both of your NickName / InGame Name....or....
# 2 ) register at ETG and wear ETG or FSA Tags. (ETG = ET Gamers or FSA = Free Server Alliance)

The lvl for EBA can only BB give but on ETG you got 10 (+5) Levels like a Clan but we are NOT a Clan.

I work with BB hand in Hand what means that we have a SERVER Alliance. Maybe in the future it will be a greater Community but for the moment we ( he and me ) think its a point to see where are the limits of the Status.

I hope,- and i really hope it for you too, that once BB say " OK let us test some things out" and we can upgrade the structure, but he is and still be the "Chief" . He dont want a Tyrannic Master in the Floor but he look that you all respect his small Rules and the Respect of EVERY Player who visits EBA (ETG) Servers.

He pay a lot for your fun so give him the respect of it - its on YOU to say " Bah - want only play ..." or to say " Damn - we can do more on it..." but YOU was the Players and he look at you - be sure - and he see what is happen at the servers...

For all active Admins of EBA at THIS moment:

Send me please a PM at and i set you into the Rooster and you got same lvl on all Servers (lvl3 EBA = lvl 10 on ETG / lvl 2 EBA = lvl 8 ETG / lvl 1 EBA = lvl 7 ETG - rest ist 6 (Alliance) and below). For that i need a IP and Guid or register at ETG Forum for Forum Admin only.

I open next time 2 new servers. This two servers will be brothers to EBA servers and will include into the server-row but you have the possibillity to say what Mod (first vote) and what maps you prefer to play (second vote).
This is first only for the ETG side, maybe it will be able at EBA side too.

Have fun at the game all.

ETG Forum & Server Overview:
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Germany.gif Headhunter
Junior Member

Posts : 21
Joined: 08/25/11
Posted on 02/11/12 09:13  
RE : Alliance to EBA = ETG
New Forum update for Players who want join the:

-= Free Server Alliance =-

...of EBA and ETG Servers.

Some Areas are free to check out and for some you need to register first, but it should be informable if you want get Admin level at ETG Server(s) near your EBA Level if you are an Admin here.

See FSA Forum at

Edited by Headhunter on 24/03/2012 18:30

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